Rio (Tabac) & Coco (White) synthetic Palm Leaves

Rio or Coco synthetic, exotic palm leaves are designed to be mounted directly onto an existing roof such as wooden panels, cladding, sheet metal or any other external trim finish.

Easy to install, these products offer an ideal aesthetically pleasing solution to your renovation or replacement plans with natural products and notably in terms of decoration. These artificial leaves in a flameproof version upon request, in version A (USA standards) corresponding to the European M1 standard.

The Rio or Coco exotic leaf possesses exceptional technical characteristics, such as its 50 years life-span and 10 years guarantee as well as its resistance to high winds of up to 150km per hour. Its easy installation by staples or nails of a minimum of 20mm allows it to be so wind resistant. Its appearance can be likened to Coconut tree leaves or those of the Pandanus tree.


  • Polyethylene HDPE
  • The mass has an anti-UV treatment
  • The mass is dyed
  • High resistance
  • Thermo-moulded
  • 100% recyclable


  • Colour: Tobacco or White
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 60cm
  • Thickness: 0.7mm
  • Weight: 2.77kg/m²

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Installation details are on video in the INSTALLATION section

  • Fixation by nails or staples of a minimum depth of 20mm, leaf without rail
  • Minimum of 7 leaves per m² with on overlap of 14,3cm
  • Installation by rows in a 2/1 sequence
  • Installed without rails on wooden panels (20mm), on batons or onto sheet metal
  • The first two rows are set over one another for a better thickness at the edge


  • Package of 72 leaves – 98cm x 64cm x 15ck – 25kg