Questions concerning our tropical roofs ?

The answers on the synthetic leaf roofs are here!

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How is protection against the heat ensured?

Protection against the sun is ensured by the large quantities of cells containing the air which are situated between each synthetic palm leaf. This particular feature of Palmex tropical roofs offers a very clear and reliable result when it comes to protection against the heat.

Is there noise due to the rainfall?

Palmex tropical roofs offer particular resistance to rainfall noise. The basic polymer allows the rain to slip quickly over the artificial palm leaves. The properties of the artificial leaves and their quantities allow water to disperse very quickly.

What is the lifespan of a roof made from Palmex palm leaves?

When a Palmex roof is installed following the manufacturer’s recommendations, its texture and composition are guaranteed for 10 years and its colour for 15 years. An average discolouration of synthetic palm leaves is 1% per year and is taken into account in the guarantee. The premature ageing process in the factory ensures an increased conservation of the dye in the artificial palm leaves as the years pass.

What are the advantages of installing a Palmex tropical roof?

With the installation of a Palmex tropical palm covering, you save a lot of time. So, even when erecting the roof requires a precise skill, our synthetic palm leaves remain easy to install. The Tropical roofing installation instructions are supplied by the company.

The roof installation remains a meticulous operation which must be carried out with care, but the time saved is a great advantage thanks to the Palmex exotic decoration products.

What guarantee is offered against fires?

Perfected by Palmex, the flameproof material which we use in the manufacture of the synthetic palm leaves is consistent with the VO standards of Canada and the USA. They meet therefore the current regulations in roof building and for public buildings.

How do the leaf roofs react in heavy wind conditions?

The suppleness of the artificial palm leaves also becomes, according to the wind level, a very efficient safety factor. The artificial palm leaves allows the extreme wind pressure to pass through to spare the exotic roof from the devastating “delta” effect, well known in the roof construction sector.

How do the exotic Palmex roofs react in the wind?

Through their quantity and thickness, the synthetic leaves linked together have already a considerable weight. What is more, is that the fixation to rails of each leaf in the roof further increases the solidity of the construction.

Do the plastic leaves of the tropical roofs give off an odour?

No strange chemical or organic element is included in the polymer used in the manufacture of the Palmex tropical roofing. The polymer in the artificial palm leaves has an absolute neutrality which allows it, among other things, to be used in the manufacture of water, milk and petrol containers, kayaks and children’s slides, etc.

What sort of maintenance do Palmex tropical roofs require?

Palmex synthetic palm leaf roofs require practically no maintenance! The dirt and twigs from trees will disappear with the first rainfall or from the simple spray of a pressure hose. Furthermore, the high quality of the polymer used in the manufacture of the artificial exotic leaves offers an exceptional protection against insects and all harmful organisms.